Our installation quality is always guaranteed. We build & install our equipment to last. If something has failed because of our installation then we will fix it at no cost to you.


Service when you need it.
-After Hours
Premium Customer Service
-SMS service requests
-Immediate / Online billing


Full service electrical
Control Systems

How does it work?

If you have an electrical problem simply call.

We will diagnose your system for free, you are only billed if you have us complete the work.

No need to worry about being surprised by an unexpected invoice.

Service to fit your preferences

No need to guess about our charging practices

Fully Transparent Pricing

This time you define the service you want.

Quick and Easy. Fill out one form to get service that works for you.

Who can request service?

  • Managers

  • Maintenance

  • Tenants

What is the threshold for estimates before work begins?

  • Any work

  • > $$ Amount

Are there special considerations to prevent disturbance of your business?

  • After-hours

  • Temporary barricades

  • Air quality monitoring

  • Debris maintenance

What do you want included with our service?

  • Jobsite Cleaning

  • After-Service Report